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GT type degassing feed storage tanks

Using field: for thermal degassing of feed water of boiler plants, heating plants (to expel the oxygen soluted in the feed water), to prevent the corrosion of harmful oxygen of boilers, and to store permanently the feed water.


Main parts:

  • EG-type. thermal degassing column
  • GT-type. feed water storage tank

The degassing feed storage tank is primed in basic construction. It is made with insulated aluminium cover if required by the orderer.

I. EG-type thermal degassing column

It is a classical cascaded stage after boiling medium pressure thermal degassing column which is used a rubber-spring pan injector for feeding the water to be degassed for. This new type injector and the design of the cover of the degassing column make the fast heating of the entering water and the beginning of the separation of the oxygen and other kinds of gas soluted in the water possible at the top of the column. This way the height of the column could be decreased, which requires lower building headroom in case of indoor installation.

Its advantages against the thermal degassing columns generally widespread:

  • It can be easily assembled due to its simple construction (stages are one unit so their bringing to level is one operation and fast).
  • Its good dimensions make the indoor installation possible without the significant increase of the building headroom.
  • It provides the sufficient quality of degassing in a wide range. The minimal amount of entering water, when it can provide the value below the allowed oxygen concentration, is 10 % of the maximal allowed entering water flow.
  • Besides relatively low entering water temperature it operates faultlessly. The lowest temperature of entering water is 50°C but for special request the degassing column can be made suitable for the degassing of water of 20 °C temperature of entering water.
  • It was made with a smaller diameter than degassing columns of similar capacity so using a connecting piece it can be mounted onto the existing feed storage tank as an exchange (to the place of the used column).

II. GT-type feed water storage tank

The horizontal cylinder tanks –with embossed bottom- are made for the permanent storage of hot and cold water besides 2 bar (overpressure) designed pressure with different volume in welded construction. It mainly provides the purpose of degassing feed storage tank assembled with thermal degasser. It is also suitable for the storage of other neutral chemical liquid. Studding of the tank is made for the request of the orderer in every case but no stud can be placed on the welded joint being on the barrel of the tank. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor.