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IS type quick steam generators

Centrifugal pumps are widely known and due to their considerably lower price and maintenance needs used and preferred over reciprocating pumps in the boiler industry. Traditionally, quick steam generators are operated with reciprocating pumps and are equipped with a 2-stage burner and water flow control, which regulates a more or less smooth steam output by switching between these two stages according to steam usage. Therefore the control and the regulating elements are subject to much greater wear. Regular maintenance of comparatively high cost is a common thing when operating such a generator. Through the usage of our in-house developed PLC controlled Boiler Management Unit (BMU) we were able to change an essential part of these wearing appliances, namely the reciprocating pump with the above-described cheaper and more reliable centrifugal pump. The results of the BMU are not only measurable in direct costs, but also in the more precise customizability of the steam quality and water content of the produced steam, which can be less than 5%.

IS manual