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Self bearing heat insulated chimneys

UNIFERRO Kazán-, és Gépgyártó Kft. deals with the manufacture of boilers, equipment of boiler room and connecting supplementary equipment. Main part of the manufacturing profile is the manufacture of self bearing chimneys made of steel plates.

Chimneys offered by us are manufactured with useful pipe made of acid-proof steel and external self bearing barrel made of carbon steel. The external envelope is made of carbon steel of Fe235.B. quality with blasted surface and three layers of painting of the requested colour. The inner useful pipe is made of acid proof steel of DIN 1.4571 quality by constricted-arc welding. The chimney is manufactured with mineral wood inner heat insulation. The total chimney height can be made in one piece or to facilitate the delivery in pieces of the length requested by the orderer in construction to be able to screw it at the site. In the case when there is no condensation in the chimney during operation conditions the relating standard also makes the use of a useful carbon steel pipe possible. In this case the bearing structure is the inner envelope, which is covered externally by the mineral wood insulation, and cover plate made of aluminium or galvanized sheet.

The accessory of the chimney is the parking harness placed into the concrete basement, the lower cleaning door, the Meidinger disc and the rain pipe. Footstep of suitable design is made for the chimney and also emission measuring station when required.

The chimney flue connecting to the chimney is measured by our co-workers following the installation when required and assembled within a short time.