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Space unit heat centers

We install oil burning container boiler plants as main contractors, and in accordance with unique demands we make the construction of boiler houses.

The container type portable heat centre is suitable for the steam supply of different institutes of heating or industrial technological purposes in the type of oil or gas burning.


The advantages of container boiler houses:

  • small overall dimensions, module system
  • possible arrangement in the loft
  • modern techniques, excellent quality
  • fast installation
  • lower investment costs in comparison with built boiler houses

The construction capabilities of the equipment make the realization of wide-range variations possible in accordance with the necessary demands. The space unit of steel structure regarding the engineering demands and handling contains the heat or technological steam producing units and the electrical equipment and automatics necessary for the operation of them.

The containers are building featured in their appearance covered by painted trapezoidal corrugated sheet or painted concrete heat insulated panels. Among the panels into the side wall and the daylighter by the roof transparent surfaces are placed made of polycarbonate providing the natural lighting. During the inside preparation the complete boiler house with planning and the necessary licences is made. The equipment has each connecting places and assembles to be ready for operation within a short time after the necessary piping and electrical connections following the delivery.

With the use of container boiler houses a heat energy supplying centre of high-standard in the world of both in appearance and inside technical content can be installed, which is warranted by our closed manufacturing system qualified by ISO 9001.