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U type hot water boilers

Purpose of the boiler:

U type hot water boilers can be applied for the preparation of hot water suitable for the allowed pressure and temperature, for heating and technological purposes. The equipment is not suitable for the preparation of direct heating HMV since using improper boiler water damages the structural elements.

Structure of the boiler:

The U type hot water boiler is a welded steel sheet boiler with blind flue and convectional draught consisting of chimneys around the flue. The furnace installation can be fixed onto the hole on the door of the first assembling chamber which can be formed through the burner bolster. The manufacturing plant provides the authority licences of the furnace installation delivered with the boiler for the orderer. For monitoring the flame of the furnace installation there is an inspection port placed above the burner bolster edge. Cleaning of the body of the furnace and the flue can be made through the door of the assembling chamber and fume cupboard.

The door of the assembling chamber can be open in both direction due to its hinged arrester. The outgoing, returning and safety stud of the boiler is placed on the top part of the barrel of the water chamber. The filling and discharging stud can be found under the fume cupboard, at the back in the axis of the boiler. Regulating and limiting thermostats and the thermometer and main switch is built into the control box on the boiler

U3H manual