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UG type steam boilers

The UG type steam boilers are the latest development of three draught boiler families.These devices are welded steal plate boilers, with convertional draughts across furnace flue and smoke tubes.The front and back fume cupboard of the boilers are lagged type without cooling.The control and the adjusting of the devices can be carried out very accurately within a very short time due to the loopholes on the furnace, the water leg side and due to the sampling ports. To ease the cleaning the tube sheets are accessible after pening and taking off the servicing doors.The very low furnace load results in low communication emission. Thanks to the thick thermal insulation of the boiler body and fume cupboards the waste heat is small. The standard design of the boilers contains of all ports, which makes the permanent controll avoidable. The UG type steam boilers meet the requirements of the modern age, the valid regulations and the norms of the EU concerning the technical parameters and the appearance of the boilers.

UG manual