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GT type degassing feed storage tanks


General presentation

Area of ​​application: for the thermal degassing of the feed water of boiler plants and heating plants (to expel oxygen dissolved in the feed water), to prevent the corrosion of harmful oxygen in the boilers, and for the temporary storage of the feed water.

Main parts:

  • I. EG-tip. thermal degassing tower.
  • II. GT. tip. feed water tank.

The degassing feed tank is standard as standard.
If required, we also make it with a heat-insulated aluminum cover.

I. EG-type thermal degassing tower

Classic cascade tray, post-boiling, medium-pressure thermal degassing tower, where the so-called degassing water is introduced. a rubber spring plate atomizer was used. This design of the cover of the new type of atomizer and degassing tower allowed the incoming water to heat up rapidly and the precipitation of oxygen and other gases dissolved in the water in the upper part of the tower. This significantly reduced the height of the tower, which requires a smaller building height in the case of indoor installation.

Advantages over the hitherto common thermal degassing tanks:

  • It is easy to assemble due to its simple structure (the trays form a unit, so they can be leveled quickly in one operation).
  • Its favorable dimensions allow for indoor installation without significantly increasing the internal height of the building.
  • It ensures the right quality of degassing over a wide power range. The minimum amount of inlet water at which it can provide a value below the allowable oxygen concentration is 10% of the maximum allowable inlet water flow.
  • It works flawlessly even at relatively low inlet water temperatures. The lowest inlet water temperature is 50, and on special request the degassing tower can be adapted to degas water with an inlet water temperature of 20.
  • It is made with a smaller diameter than degassing towers of the same capacity, so it can be installed as a replacement (in place of the worn tower) on an existing feed tank using a spacer.

We can also supply the necessary spacer on request.

Prepared: 0.2-2 [m3/ h]; 0.6-6 [m3/ h]; 1-10 [m3/ h]; With a capacity of 1.5-15 [m3/ h], or in a different capacity in individual design.

II. GT type feed water tank

Horizontal cylindrical tanks - with embossed bottom - are made in welded versions with different capacities at a design pressure of 2 bar (overpressure) for the temporary storage of hot and cold water. It is primarily used in conjunction with a thermal degasser for the purpose of a degassing feed tank. However, it is also suitable for storing other inert liquids. The truncation of the tank is always made according to the customer's wishes, but the stub must not be placed on the welding seams on the tank jacket. They can be installed both inside and outside the building.

Made: 1-25 m3 with useful volume, 800-2200 mm diameters. With two supports, one fixed and the other a roller support for displacement.

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