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About Us

The activities of UNIFERRO Kazán- és Gépgyártó Ltd., and the legal predecessor cooperative company founded in 1947 have been primarily the planning, manufacturing, and implementation of furnaces, boiler-room equipment, pressure vessels, complete heat-service units, and steel and metal constructions for the past 40 years.

Furnaces are manufactured within the performance range 100 to 10 000 kW for fuelling gas, oil, and within the performance range 80 to 5000 kW for firing bio-mass, and for different operating methods (warm water, hot water, steam, thermo-oil) according to individual demands of the customers.

The company has continuously been developing within the field of the development and manufacturing of energetic equipment, the structure of products has already considerably expanded due to the modern manufacturing conditions related to technical, technological, and on-site developments.

Do you want to make a custom boiler, or a steel structure? Take a look at our products and inquire about our contact details!

The equipment planned on our own and having acknowledged quality are primarily sold on the energetic market of Hungary, but they are also found in several European countries. Furnaces, pressure vessels are planned, manufactured, tested and quality attested according to the standards and regulations of the European Union.

The business strategy of the company is the continuous improvement of products and production in order to have the products manufactured and services provided satisfy customer and user demands in a wider and wider range, and to strengthen competitiveness, and provide for economical operation on a long-term.

We have a quality system approved according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001, and a welding shop certificate EN ISO 3834-2, AD 2000 Mb. HPO, as well as an authority certificate MKEH-MMBH. Our main activity is to design, manufacture and assemble boilers, boiler-room parts, pressure vessels (tanks), complete furnace units and steelworks.