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Tanks, air containers

Our company has extensive experience in the production of tanks and pressure vessels, which we deliver primarily as a service unit for boilers, but we also fulfill separate orders. The MPT and MPT-H type tanks can be used as heating buffer tanks and domestic hot water tanks in various heating systems. For steam systems, we recommend our KT type condensate tanks.

General presentation

MPT and MPT-H type tanks can be used as heating buffer tanks or domestic hot water tanks in different heating systems.

  • The tanks are made of sheet steel, deep-drawn shallow convex vessel bottoms with automatic welding.
  • The internal surface protection of the tanks does not provide.
  • The outer surface of the tanks is provided with 2 coats of heat-resistant paint.
  • MPT tanks range in size from 200 to 3000 l.
  • Buffer tanks cannot be used as domestic hot water tanks.
  • MPT-H tanks have a built-in stainless steel snake for manual hot water production.
  • A max. Domestic hot water at 60 ° C is suitable for social and technological purposes.
  • MPT-H tanks range in size from 500 to 3000 l.

In addition, we manufacture insulated and uninsulated tanks, even in a heated design. The size range of our KT and TT tanks is 200-100,000 l.

What types of tanks are there?

There are several types of tanks, we would like to briefly present these features below.

  • Mobile air tank: pressure equipment and system, you can change it correctly.
  • Installed air tank: cannot be relocated as opposed to a mobile air tank, completely stationary.
  • Transportable air tank: an air tank used for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Simple pressure vessel: a welded vessel suitable for the reception of air or nitrogen, not exposed to fire, of non-alloy steel, non-alloy aluminum or quality aluminum. The vessel is a circular cylinder with a convex bottom. When used, the operating temperature can be between -50 ° C and 300 ° C, the pot is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, but it can always withstand 100 ° C.
  • Liquid-filled air tank: liquid-filled pressure equipment.
  • Gas-filled air tank: suitable for similar storage: gas, liquefied gas, steam, gas dissolved under pressure.
  • Ground-covered pressure vessel: partially or completely covered by earth or sand.
  • Above-ground pressure vessel: at or above ambient level and not covered.

Our company has extensive experience in tank manufacturing.

We undertake the production of stainless steel and carbon steel tanks and pressure vessels, with or without insulation.

Contact us with confidence if you need modern and reliable tanks!