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IS type quick steam generators

Our quick steam generators are traditionally equipped with a centrifugal pump and a continuously controlled burner, as well as a water flow regulator that provides steam production to meet current needs.


The smaller volume of water in the fast steam generators allows for better operation under rapidly changing conditions due to the low thermal inertia of the entire system. With this device, water can be heated faster, which means that its reaction time is low and much more radiant and heating energy can be saved by operating it. In addition, it is also true for the fast steam generator that it takes up less space in addition to less energy, and the installation does not require major modifications, conversions, and equipment that is easy to install.

What is the difference between a fast steam generator and a steam boiler?

From a technological point of view, the difference between the two systems is in the way steam is produced.

In a steam boiler, steam is generated by running flues in the water space, which, due to their high heat emission, generate steam, which collects in a steam space above the water space and is led away. And the steam generator has a firebox in the middle, around which water pipes run and the high-pressure, saturated steam generated in them is conducted.

If there is no need for as much steam as the boiler produces, because, for example, they are no longer heated with steam, so the overall efficiency of the steam boiler is worse due to the loss of radiation or start-up. There is still a big difference in the heating time, while the steam boiler needs to warm up for at least twenty minutes, while 3 minutes is enough for fast steam generators.

Advantages of our fast steam generators

  • Due to the extremely thick thermal insulation, the radiation loss of the equipment is low.
  • The burner ensures excellent efficiency in a wide power range, between 20-100%.
  • The control is standard for remote monitoring
  • The centrifugal pump used has a long service life and low maintenance.
  • The feed pump is suitable for transporting feed water at a temperature of 110 ° C, accordingly a thermal degasser can be installed in front of the device.

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