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UB type hot water boilers

General presentation

The UB type hot water boiler is used to supply hot water to residential houses, residential buildings, public buildings, industrial baths, industrial and agricultural facilities. Commissioning is semi-automatic, continuous operation is automatic. It is made of steel sheet by welding with a standing cylinder, the lower and upper ends are closed with a deep convex bottom. The thermal insulation of the outer jacket is 50 mm thick rock wool with an aluminum sheet covering. The boiler is equipped with the fittings necessary for safe operation. The temperature control of the boiler is implemented by the twin encapsulated temperature controller and limiter. The product may only be transported in a standing position. It can be lifted with a crane or a forklift.

Why choose a boiler?

The boiler boiler is especially popular in public institutions, as it is easy to use, the water is heated automatically after installation, and the temperature is controlled automatically. If you need more power than usual, or reliability and practicality are not negligible aspects of operation, then a boiler boiler is the right solution.

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