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Space unit heat centers

A container-type mobile heating center is an oil-, gas- or biomass-fired version suitable for heating heat or industrial technology for various facilities. The steel-structured space element, which takes into account mechanical needs and handling, includes heat or technological steam generating units and the electrical equipment and automations required for their operation.


General presentation

Our container mobile heating centers are available in biomass, oil or gas fired versions for heating or industrial technology heat in various facilities. The heat transfer medium can be hot water, steam or thermal oil.

The design features of the equipment allow the implementation of a wide range of variations according to the required needs. The steel-structured space element, which takes into account the mechanical needs and the treatment, contains the heat or technological steam generating units and their operation.

The containers are covered in painted trapezoidal corrugated sheet or sandwich panel. We install plastic doors and windows in this side wall.

Simultaneously with the production of the three-element heating center, on-site preparation and licensing will be completed. The boiler house has all the connections and fittings that ensure fast commissioning.

Advantages of container boiler houses:

  • small enclosure size, module system
  • can be placed on the roof
  • advanced technology, high quality
  • quick installation
  • lower investment cost compared to built boiler houses
  • mobile, relocatable facility
  • ideal for heat supply companies
  • can be designed for island operation

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