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UG type steam boilers



General presentation

UG type steam boilers are the latest development in the three-way boiler family. The equipment is welded sheet steel boilers with through flame and convective drains of flues. The inspection and adjustment of the equipment can be carried out accurately and in a short time thanks to the firebox and the water-side hatch, as well as the measuring points. Extremely low firebox load results in low pollutant emissions.

Advantages of UG steam boilers

To facilitate cleaning, the pipe walls are accessible from both sides after opening or removing the service door. The front and rear turning chambers of the boilers are insulated without cooling. Thanks to the thick thermal insulation and the insulation of the turning chambers, the radiation loss of the boiler is low. The boiler includes all the nozzles required for periodically monitored boiler operation as standard. UG type steam boilers, both in terms of appearance and technical parameters, largely meet the requirements of the age, the current regulations and also meet the standards required by the EU. The steam boilers are delivered with a CE certificate of conformity.

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