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HTO type boilers

The UKK type thermal oil boiler is a three-way welded forced flow boiler with a firebox through. The firebox of the boiler is a cylindrical tubular spiral or consists of a masonry front and rear cover.



General presentation

Equipment operating with an organic heat transfer medium, also known as Thermal Oil systems, is used to supply heat to various technological consumers up to a temperature of 300 ° C. This temperature is approx. It can be provided at a pressure of 165 bar (16.5 MPa).

Scope of delivery of the boilers: thermal oil boilers with thermal insulation, external plate cover with gas or oil burner, instrumentation, electrical control cabinet.


  • circulating pumps,
  • expansion tank,
  • collecting tank,
  • other safety equipment.

Areas of application:

  • industrial heaters (dryer, oven, autoclave, mixer, reactor, storage tank, press, hall),
  • insulation material production, asphalt processing, tar processing
  • industry, vulcanization, heat gluing,
  • lamination, impregnation, plywood production,
  • concrete aging, dehydration

Advantages of the thermal oil system:

  • The heat transfer medium can also be used in outdoor versions and is not frost-hazardous
  • Its operation is not subject to official supervision (in the case of open system design)
  • There is no need for expensive feedwater preparation
  • No condensation network and condensation loss
  • Automatic operation
  • Quick start option
  • Precise temperature control
  • It is possible to supply several consumers even at different temperatures
  • Thermal oil boilers can also be ordered for closed system installation

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