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Self bearing heat insulated chimneys

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General presentation

UNIFERRO Ltd. deals with the production of boilers, boiler room equipment and related auxiliary equipment. An integral part of this product profile is the production of self-supporting sheet steel chimneys. The chimneys we recommend are manufactured with an acid-proof steel utility pipe and an external, self-supporting carbon steel jacket. The outer casing is made of Fe 235B-grade carbon steel, with a shot blasting surface and three coats of paint to the desired color. The inner utility tube is made of DIN 1.4571 quality stainless steel with plasma welding. The chimney mineral wool is produced with internal thermal insulation. The entire chimney height can be made in one or from members of the length requested by the customer to facilitate transport, in a design that can be screwed on site. In the event that no condensation occurs in the chimney during operation, the relevant standard carbon steel utility pipe can also be used. In this case, the inner mantle is the load-bearing structure, which is covered on the outside with mineral wool insulation and aluminum or galvanized sheet metal.

The chimney is supplied with an anchor fitting for the concrete base, a lower cleaning door, a Meidinger disc and a rain outlet pipe. A ladder and, if required, an emission measuring point are made for the chimney according to the installation.

If required, the flue connected to the chimney will be surveyed on site by our staff after installation and will be installed within a short time.

The chimney is designed according to the customer's needs.

About the benefits of a self-supporting chimney

The self-supporting chimney has a raison d'être, especially in the case of factories and industrial buildings, where the chimney must meet special requirements, which is why it is constructed with a special design. The list of benefits is very long and convincing.

  • The carbon steel tube forming the outer layer is perfectly corrosion resistant and the inner jacket steel tube is made in acid resistant design.
  • The need for priming is not much greater than the diameter of the jacket tube.
  • Between the two pipes there is a quality and environmentally friendly insulation material, mineral wool.
  • Due to its name, it does not require the support of an external iron structure.
  • The gap between the outer and inner steel tube is sufficient for the inner surfaces to be inspected.
  • At the top of the self-supporting chimney there is an anti-sway device that protects the structure from wind loads.
  • Installation is quite fast.
  • Suitable for replacing conventional brick or concrete factory chimneys, industrial chimneys, central chimneys and power plant chimneys, as well as conventional metal chimneys and steel chimneys.

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